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You are here: Home Flight News Qualifications and Enrolment requirement for pilot training course Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania/USA/SA
Qualifications and Enrolment requirement for pilot training course Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania/USA/SA Print
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Don’t forget for one to become a pilot he/she should have passed “0 level “ with mean grade of C+ with pass in Mathematics,English,Geography and any science subject or a degree and above. For those eyeing Kenya Airways then they school have a mean grade of B+ and above.Infact with those with degrees and masters have higher chances and can get managerial jobs.

Most of those who want to become pilot prefer going outside Kenya like the United States of America, South Africa for their training due to the good weather and it will take maximum 54 weeks to complete the course as you can fly day and night. Unlike Kenya where the weather is unpredictable and thus it can take up to 2 years and half for one to complete this training. This is only favorable to those people who are in employment or do not have enough finances and would not mind to wait that longer and also it is an opportunity for them to be able to raise funds.

Pilot Training Course.

The first stage is the Private Pilot Training Course which will take 55 flying hours for a bright student to get the license and it is a must you pass the ground school theory exams even if you are God-gifted to be a pilot. The student while training will at least do 25 hrs before he/she goes alone that is solo flight and he/she should have attained 17 years and not below and should also have a medical certificate from an approved doctor with civil aviation authority stating he/she is fit to fly. Thereafter the Students Pilot License is issued so that the student is insured as a trainer.The flight and ground courses are all important and a student who is able to fly and unable to pass theory exams is not a pilot as it is from the theory you refer the flight level, aircraft handling, instrument settings, weight and balance, fuel flow per hours, the endurance of the aircraft. With the Private Pilots License you can only do non-commercial flights.

The second stage is the Commercial Pilot License which is the longest and once you pass this and get license you will be able to get a job on single engine aircrafts like C-182/C-172, C-206, PA-28 which one will fly under instructions and thereafter if the training pilot is satisfied then you can be released to command. These take approximately 120 flying hours including cross-country, instruments and with 11 theory exams which you have to pass. Once you complete this stage then you proceed to the final stage.


The final stage is Multi-IR which the student will have to do a technical type rating on the aircraft he/she will do her/his flight test. After the TTR then the student does form 64 to get the endorsement on his/her license. The Multi-IR will take about 50 hrs of which 30 on multi engine aircraft and 20 hrs on Instrument Rating training. There are aircrafts like the Baron 55/58 PA-34 Seneca 2 or 3 which the training will carry on and even single Instrument Rating Training on Cessna Caravan 208.


The conversation stage comes the last and this applies for those who trained outside the country and the ground theory exams have to be done thereafter the conversion flight hours the Instrument Rating flight exams. This is where the catch 22 is for training abroad as you will spend over one million for the conversion. You need to get a very good ground and flight instructors who will ensure they take you through what will be expected in the exams and who are reliable, efficient and effective. Most of the flying schools are there to exploit the students by taking longer to ensure they make enough money from them. It is also important for you to be able to spend less time and money on the conversion one should engage a consultant who will sign a contract of performance and committing that the conversion will take a certain period at the same costs agreed at. If you just walk into flying schools they take advantage of your situation and you will end up sending half of what you spend in completing the whole course.

Also when going to train abroad ensure an audit is done on the flying school of the accreditation,fleet,stability,administration and the capability in terms of both ground & flight instructors experiencing in pilot training. Some consultant have collaboration with most of the flying schools in South Africa and United States of America and can arrange for better payment terms per stage and also get affordable accommodation which is a walking distance to the school and where you can share with other students. You can get one car and share even the buying of meals and stay as sister and brother as your aim is complete your training.


Please take note there times that Kenya Airways advertise vacancies for those pilots with Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilots License or those with full pilot license so do not be surprised to finish you Private Pilot license and get a job with the national carrier. Those with Commercial Pilots License can even be lucky and if dedicated and get a job in general aviation on the single engine aircraft and later be trained on Multi-IR and be bonded with the company for a period to time or when you leave to pay them.

You can do your pilot training locally or internationally depending on your finances. For those with insufficient funds you can train locally and for those with sufficient funds you can train abroad and it quicker and cheaper.

Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Consultant at Wings Over Africa Aviation. <br><a href='http://www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com’> This is an Air Charter Company that specializes in pilot training consultancy and license conversion in Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania. </a> The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream of becoming pilots. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / http://www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76&Itemid=85 </a>